Repair & Service

            Your Jaguar automobile, whether restored, new, or used can be enjoyed only when properly maintained. At XKS MOTORSPORT our technicians are trained to address those areas of your Jaguar that require our expertise in preventive and restorative maintenance. Tightening oil pan nuts, cleaning throttle bodies, lubricating bearings, water hose replacement, and other wear areas is part of our complete service. Those critical components such as brake pads, suspension parts, ignition and fuel system are all part of our extensive safety maintenance inspection. We service old as well as younger Jaguar automobiles.

At XKS MOTORSPORT not only do we know how to restore, but we also know how to keep your Jaguar automobile running reliably and safely. Contact our appointment desk for a time and date so that we can better serve you.

XKS MOTORSPORT Maintenance Appointments

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